Premium Styling campaign

The Premium Styling by Vredestein campaign shows off the ultra high performance tyres Vredestein develops for the exclusive car market. Each ad highlights a tyre as the finishing touch to a car styled by top end car stylers like Hamann, Carlsson and Mansory.


We’re proud to be working for Vredestein since 2007. Vredestein is a tyre company based in Enschede, the Netherlands. It designs, manufactures and sells high quality tyres for cars, commercial vehicles, tractors and bikes. Vredestein is known particularly for their high performance summer and winter tyres and close cooperation with the famous Giugiaro Design studio. In 2009 Vredestein started developing a special range of ultra high performance tyres for the exclusive car market. Working closely with top end car stylers like Hamann, Carlsson and Mansory under the label ‘Premium Styling by Vredestein’.


Early 2009, we started developing the look-and-feel for the Premium Styling by Vredestein branding. This resulted in yearly brochures, dozens of ads in magazines like Top Gear, GQ, AB Sports Cars and Wired and today even Premium Styling shop concepts and Point of Sales materials.